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Yokoi Katsushi

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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Habikino Campus

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  • College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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  • Dementia Prevention, Fall Prevention, Occupational Science


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  • The Relationship Between Meaningful Occupation and Self-Rated Health in Japanese Individuals: The Wakayama Study. , Occupational Therapy in Health Care, 2020.04, Yokoi K, Miyai N, Utsumi M, Hattori S, Kurasawa S, Uematsu Y, Arita M.

  • Relationship between Fall History and Self-Perceived Motor Fitness in Community-Dwelling People: A Cross-Sectional Study, Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2020.11, Katsushi Yokoi, Nobuyuki Miyai, Miyoko Utsumi, Sonomi Hattori, Shigeki Kurasawa, Hiroko Hayakawa, Yuji Uematsu, Mikio Arita

  • Sleep Education for Primary School Students by Occupational Therapists in Japan: A Pilot Study through a Health Promotion Project , Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention , 2020.06, Shigeki Kurasawa, Katsushi Yokoi, Miyoko Utsumi, Hiroyasu Shiozu, Nobuyuki Miyai

  • Relationship Between Gliding and Lateral Femoral Pain in Patients With Trochanteric Fracture, Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation , 2020.03, Kawanishi K, Kudo S, Yokoi K

  • Relationship between Child Occupational Self-Assessment and Quality of Life in Elementary School Children. , Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention, 2020.02, Katsushi Yokoi, Shigeki Kurasawa, Miyoko Utsumi , Nobuyuki Miyai

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  • SeminarIII

  • ThesisI

  • Clinical PracticeIII

  • Occupational Therapy in the CommunityI

  • Occupational Therapy in the CommunityII

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