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Yamano Akio

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Assistant Professor


Aerospace and Marine Engineering

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Nakamozu Campus

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering

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  • Structural/Functional materials

  • Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems

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  • (Keyword)Fluid-structure interaction, ANCF shell element FEM

  • (Keyword)Self-excited vibration, Adaptive locomotion


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  • Fluid force identification acting on snake-like robots swimming in viscous fluids, Journal of Fluids and Structures, 2021.08, Akio Yamano, Kouhei Shimizu, Masakatsu Chiba, Hiroshi Ijima

  • Influence of the aspect ratio of the sheet for an electric generator utilizing the rotation of a flapping sheet, Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2021.02, Akio Yamano, Hiroshi Ijima, Atsuhiko Shintani, Chihiro Nakagawa, Tomohiro Ito

  • Influence of boundary conditions on a flutter-mill, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2020.04, Akio Yamano, Atsuhiko Shintani, Tomohiro Ito, Chihiro Nakagawa, Hiroshi Ijima

  • Reducing the Power Consumption of a Shape Memory Alloy Wire Actuator Drive by Numerical Analysis and Experiment, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2018.05, Akio Yamano, Atsuhiko Shintani, Tomohiro Ito, Chihiro Nakagawa

  • Phase control of oscillators for moving body in narrow passage, Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2015.03, Akio Yamano, Atsuhiko Shintani, Tomohiro Ito, Chihiro Nakagawa

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  • 無限回転軸を有する索状移動探査ロボットの移動法に関する基礎検討,Dynamics & Design Conference 2020,2020.09,今井 渓太, 山野 彰夫, 千葉 正克

  • ⾃励発振を⽤いた衛星探査⽤多リンク泳動推進体の適応制御に関する基礎検討,関西学生会 2021年度学生員卒業研究発表講演会,2021.03,木元 剛士、山野 彰夫、千葉 正克

  • リアクションホイールを有した跳躍可能な惑星探査ローバーについての基礎検討,関西学生会 2021年度学生員卒業研究発表講演会,2021.03,池田 有輝、山野 彰夫、千葉 正克


Charge of class subject 【 display / non-display

  • Laboratory Experiments: Aerospace Engineering I

  • Laboratory Experiments: Aerospace Engineering II

  • Exercises on Aerospace Engineering I