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Arai Kohei

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Associate Professor



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  • College of Sustainable System Sciences

  • Graduate School of Economics

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  • Accounting

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  • Ph.D


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  • 業種調整ROAの性質 : 持続性と影響可能性についての経験的検証, 産業經理, 2017.10, 新井 康平

  • Labor Resource Use for Endoscopic Gastric Cancer Screening in Japanese Primary Care Settings: A Work Sampling Study, PLOS ONE, 2014.02, GOTO Rei, ARAI Kohei, KITADA Hirotsugu, OGOSHI Kazuei, HAMASHIMA Chisato

  • Using Profit Information for Production Management: Evidence from Japanese Factories, Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change, 2013.10, ARAI Kohei, KITADA Hirotsugu, OURA Keisuke

  • CVP分析に基づく利益予測モデルの経験的検証, 会計プログレス, 2013.09, 新井 康平, 福嶋 誠宣

  • 経営計画が企業業績に与える影響, 管理会計学, 2013.03, 福嶋 誠宣, 米満 洋己, 新井 康平, 梶原 武久


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  • Introduction to Accounting A

  • Introduction to Accounting B

  • Foreign Literature Seminar

  • Management Accounting I

  • Management Accounting II

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