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Ishii Ryouhei

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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Habikino Campus

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  • College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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  • Psychiatry

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  • Peer Review Awards 2018 Top Reviewers for Neuroscience And Behavior , 2019.09, Publons

  • PCN Reviewer Award(2020) , 2020.09

  • Sentinels of Science: Medicine, 2016.09

  • Top Reviewers for Medicine, 2017.09

  • Top Reviewers for Neuroscience, 2017.09

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  • Neuromodulation in Basic, Translational and Clinical Research in Psychiatry., Frontiers Media SA., 2020.03, Multiple Authorship, Ishii, R., Nishida, K., Youssef, N. A., Jann, K., Takahashi, S.

  • New Insights on Basic and Clinical Aspects of EEG and MEG Connectome. , Frontiers Media, Lausanne., 2018, Multiple Authorship, Ishii, R., Pascual-Marqui, R D., Canuet, L., Xiang, J., Gaetz, W. C.

  • The Role of Functional Networks in Neuropsychiatric Disorders. In: Multimodal Oscillation-based Connectivity Theory., Springer, Cham., 2016, Multiple Authorship, Canuet L, Aoki Y, Ishii R, Maestú F.

  • Neurophysiological assessment of epileptic psychosis - A New Approach for MEG Source Localization of schizophrenia-like psychosis of epilepsy. Neuropsychiatric Issues in Epilepsy., John Libbey Eurotext, Esher., 2010, Multiple Authorship, Ishii R, Canuet L, Ikezawa K, Kurimoto R, Iwase M, Azechi M, Takahashi H, Nakahachi T, Takeda M.

  • Beta ERD during a memory task decreased in prefrontal cortex in patients with Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment. In: Biomagnetism: Interdisciplinary research and exploration., Hokkaido Univ. Press, Sapporo., 2008, Multiple Authorship, Kurimoto R, Ishii R, Canuet L, Ikezawa K, Iwase M, Yoshida T, Kazui H, Yoshimine T, Takeda M.

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Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Increased frequency of psychosis after second-generation antiepileptic drug administration in adults with focal epilepsy, Epilepsy Behav. , 2019.08, Adachi N, Fenwick P, Akanuma N, Hara K, Ishii R, Okazaki M, Ito M, Sekimoto M, Kato M, Onuma T.

  • Pre-stimulus brain activity is associated with state-anxiety changes during single-session transcranial direct current stimulation, Front Hum Neurosci. , 2019.07, Keiichiro Nishida, Yosuke Koshikawa, Yosuke Morishima, Masafumi Yoshimura, Koji Katsura, Satsuki Ueda, Shunichiro Ikeda, Ryouhei Ishii, Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui Toshihiko Kinoshita

  • A Novel Palliative Care Approach Using Virtual Reality for Improving Various Symptoms of Terminal Cancer Patients: A Preliminary Prospective, Multicenter Study, J Palliat Med. , 2019.06, Niki K, Okamoto Y, Maeda I, Mori I, Ishii R, Matsuda Y, Takagi T, Uejima E.

  • Validation of a Short-Term, Objective, Prognostic Predictive Method for Terminal Cancer Patients in a Palliative Care Unit Using a Combination of Six Laboratory Test Items, J Palliat Med. , 2019.06, Niki K, Okamoto Y, Matano Y, Ishii R, Matsuda Y, Takagi T, Uejima E.

  • Event-related potentials as possible indicators of behavioral intervention outcome in tic disorders, Clinical Neurophysiology, 2019.04, Ryouhei Ishii, Masahiro Hata

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