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Kutsumi Masami

Job Title

Associate Professor



Laboratory Address

Habikino Campus

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  • College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Nursing

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  • Gerontological nursing

  • Clinical nursing


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  • Issues and agenda of nursing for out-patients with hemophilia in Japan, 2021.03, Kayoko Omura, Masami Kutsumi, Chie Matsubara, Tomoko Nakatsuka, Yoshiko Nishimura, Satomi Ushio, Yukiko Nakashima, Yukiko Araragi

  • Work, Leisure Time Activities, and Mental Health among Family Caregivers of the Elder People in Japan, Healthcare, 2021.01, Tomoko Omiya, Masami Kutsumi and Sakiko Fukui

  • Judgment and support at night on-call system for nurses working in intensive-care old people's home, Journal of Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing, 2021.01, Miyuki Awaji, Tayo Nagahata, Masami KUtsumi

  • Objective measurement of wandering in elderly patients with dementia., Res. Adv in Age & Aging., 2011, 矢山壮、山川みやえ、九津見雅美、牧本清子

  • Fatigue in Japanese people with multiple sclerosis, Nursing & Health Sciences , 2010, 森谷利香, 九津見雅美

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Conference presentation 【 display / non-display

  • Prevalence and characteristics of frailty among community-dwelling elderly adults with social activity,The 6th International Nursing Research Conference of World Academy of Nursing Science,2020.02,九津見雅美、柴田真志、塩見美抄、谷垣佑樹、小森昌彦

  • 出血性疾患を有する患者が自身の病いを知ること,第39回日本看護科学学会,2019.12,九津見雅美、大村佳代子

  • Experiences encountering ‘hemophilia’ among mothers of people with hemophilia,International Congress Nurse,2019.06,九津見雅美

  • The demands and challenges of DLB(dementia with lewy bodies) support network participants,2nd East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS) Conference 2019,2019.01,久保田真美、加藤泰子、九津見雅美、井口高志、森村安史

  • 兵庫県但馬地域に暮らす活動歴な高齢者におけるうつの割合と関連要因の検討,第77回日本公衆衛生学会,2018.10,九津見雅美、柴田真志、塩見美抄、小森昌彦、谷垣佑樹


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  • Doctoral Seminar : Home Health Nursing and Gerontological Nursing

  • Clinical Practicum in Health Care Nursing

  • Clinical Practicum in Health Care Nursing : Gerontological Nursing

  • Gerontological Nursing I

  • Gerontological Nursing II

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