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Tanigawa Tomoyuki

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Associate Professor



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  • Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics

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  • (Summary)The purpose of this research subject is devoted to the asymptotic analysis of several types of the nonlinear differential equations.

    (Keyword)Oscillation theory, Oscillation and Nonoscillation, Asymptotic Analysis


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  • Nonoscillatory solutions of planar half-linear differential systems: a Riccati equation approach, Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations, 2018, J. Jaros, T. Kusano and T. Tanigawa

  • Regularly varying solutions with intermediate growth for a class of cyclic differential systems of the second order, Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 2016, J. Jaros, T. Kusano and T.Tanigawa

  • Existence and asymptotic behavior of strongly monotone solutions of nonlinear differential equations, Differential Equations and Applications, 2015, Tomoyuki Tanigawa

  • Asymptotic analysis of positive decreasing solutions of a class of systems of second order nonlinear differential equations in the framework of regular variation, The Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2015, J. Jaros, T. Kusano and T. Tanigawa

  • Regularly varying solutions of half-linear differential equations with retarded and advanced arguments, Mathematica Slovaca, 2015, J. Manojlovic and T. Tanigawa

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  • Fourier Analysis

  • Fourier Analysis

  • Complex Analysis

  • Complex Analysis

  • Complex Analysis

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