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Yoshikawa Takeshi

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Associate Professor



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  • College of Sustainable System Sciences

  • Graduate School of Economics


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  • Free Entry into a Co-opetitive Mixed Oligopoly, Discussion Paper New Series, 2019.03, Takeshi Yoshikawa

  • 軌道法が適用される事業者の効率性分析, Discussion Paper New Series, 2019.03, 吉川 丈・髭白 晃宜

  • Free Entry and Social Inefficiency under Co-opetition, Journal of Economics, 2016.06, Hattori, Keisuke and Yoshikawa, Takeshi


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  • Foreign Literature Seminar

  • Seminars IIA

  • Seminars IIB

  • Seminars IA

  • Seminars IB

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