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Majima Yukie

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Sustainable System Sciences

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Nakamozu Campus

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  • College of Sustainable System Sciences

  • Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences

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  • Nursing Informatics

  • Educational Engineering fo Nursing

  • Health Information System


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  • 標準保健師講座2 公衆衛生看護技術(第4版):ICT を用いた保健指導 , 医学書院, 2020.01, Multiple Authorship, 中村 裕美子,中谷 久恵,神馬 征峰,戸ヶ里 泰典,蔭山 正子,標 美奈子,真嶋 由貴惠,村岡 恵子,石川 由美子,鈴木 浩子,渡部 月子,古川 馨子,金子 絵里乃,中山 貴美子,鳩野 洋子,大橋 純子,藤本 恵子

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  • Proposal of Lifting Training Method for Prevention of Lower Limb Weakness utilizing AR and ARCS Model, Japan Journal of Medical Informatics, 2020.11, Kazuki Marui, Yukie Majima, Seiko Masuda

  • Effectiveness of Family Robot "LOVOT" for Stress of Older People Avoiding Going Out. - Literature Review and Experiment Scheme -, Japan Journal of Medical Informatics, 2020.11, Yoshiaki Takada, Yukie Majima, Seiko Masuda, Naoki Taira

  • Proposal of Learning System to Support for Passing Steps of Wheelchair, Japan Journal of Medical Informatics, 2020.11, Kotone Sakiyama, Yukie Majima, Seiko Masuda

  • Proposal and development of health education content for university students using SNS - To eliminate smartphone dependence -, The 45th Annual conference of JSiSE, 2020.09, Yuji HAZAMA, Yukie MAJIMA, Seiko MASUDA

  • Development of Dementia Awareness Educational Materials and Evaluation Scale for Elementary School Students with a Health Literacy Perspective, The 45th Annual conference of JSiSE, 2020.09, Seiko MASUDA, Koji MIKAMI, Yoshiaki TAKADA, Yukie MAJIMA

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  • ARCS モデルを活用した下肢筋力低下予防のための AR 型リフティングトレーニング方法の提案,第21回日本医療情報学会学術大会,2020.11,丸井 一輝,真嶋 由貴惠,桝田 聖子


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  • Internship in Health and Medical Care

  • Health and Medical Care Services

  • Health and Medical Care Information Systems

  • Special Topics in Healthcare Informatics

  • Health Promotion

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