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Hiraoka Koichi

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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Habikino Campus

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  • College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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  • Rehabilitation

  • Physiology of muscles and nerves

  • Neuroscience

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Waseda University


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  • Supplementary motor area contributes to carrying previous movement information over to current movement , NeuroReport, 2021.02, Oda H, Sawaguchi Y, Kunimura H, Kawasaki T, Hiraoka K

  • Cortical contribution to motor process before and after movement onset , Somatosensory & Motor Research, 2020.11, Kunimura H, Oda H, Sawaguchi Y, Kawasaki T, Hiraoka K

  • Rhythmic movement and rhythmic auditory cues enhance anticipatory postural adjustment of gait initiation , Somatosensory & Motor Research, 2020.09, Hiraoka K, Kunimura H, Oda H, Kawasaki T, Sawaguchi Y.

  • The Left Posterior Parietal Cortex Contributes to the Selection Process for the Initial Swing Leg in Gait Initiation. , Brain Sciences, 2020.05, Hiraoka K, Gonno S, Inomoto R.

  • Time window of perturbation-induced response triggered by ankle motion and body sway above the ankle. , Brain Sciences, 2020.04, Hiraoka K, Kuramitsu T, Nii N, Osumi M, Tanaka N.

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  • Kinesiology

  • Basic Kinesiology

  • Basic Kinesiology (Practice)

  • Thesis

  • Research MethodologyI

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