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Higuchi Yumi

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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  • College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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  • Hygiene and public health

  • Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering


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  • Instrumental activities of daily living and number of daily steps in frail older females, Journal of Physical Therapy Science (in print), 2019, Ando S, Higuchi Y, Kitagawa T, Murakami T, Todo E, Ueda T,

  • Tailored feedback reduced prolonged sitting time and improved the health of housewives: a single-blind randomized controlled pilot study, Women and Health (online), 2019.05, Kitagawa T, Higuchi Y, Todo E, Ueda T, Ando S, Murakami T

  • Tailored education program using home floor plans for falls prevention in discharged older patients: A pilot randomized controlled trial, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 71:9-13, 2017, Ueda T, Higuchi Y, Imaoka M, et al

  • Dual-tasking over an extended walking distance is associated with falls among community-dwelling older adults., Clin Interv Aging.10:643-8, 2015.03, Hirashima K, Higuchi Y, Imaoka M, Todo E, Kitagawa T, Ueda T

  • Low-frequency exercise and vitamin D supplementation reduce falls among institutionalized frail elderly, International Journal of Gerontology 10:202-206, 2016, Imaoka M, Higuchi Y, Todo E, et al

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  • Physical Therapy for Health Promotion

  • First Year Seminar

  • Physical Therapy in the CommunityI

  • Physical Therapy in the CommunityII

  • Physical Therapy in the Community (Practice)

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