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Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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Habikino Campus

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  • College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

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  • Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering

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  • (Keyword)therapeutic exercise, stretching exercise, muscle strengthening exercise, ROM exercise


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  • Today's Physical Therapy, 2015.06, Multiple Authorship

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  • A modified Seated Side Tapping test in which the arms are crossed also reflects gait function in community-dwelling elderly, J Phys Ther Sci., 2017.06, Satoshi Fuchioka, Akira Iwata, Yumi Higuchi, Mari Miyake, Seiji Kanda, Toshimasa Nishiyama

  • Muscle contributions to center of mass excursion in ankle and hip strategies during forward body tilting., J Biomech., 2016.10, Ogaya S, Okita Y, Fuchioka S

  • The association between intersegmental coordination in the lower limb and gait speed in elderly females, Gait Posture, 2016.07, Shinya Ogaya, Akira Iwata, Yumi Higuchi, Satoshi Fuchioka

  • Toe-Out Gait Decreases the Second Peak of the Medial Knee Contact Force, J Appl Biomech., 2015.08, Ogaya S, Naito H, Iwata A, Higuchi Y, Fuchioka S, Tanaka M.

  • The forward velocity of the center of pressure in the mid-foot is a major predictor of gait speed in older adults., International Journal of Gerontology, 2015.06, Fuchioka S, Iwata A, Higuchi Y, Miyake M, Kanda S, Nishiyama T.

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  • Theory of Collaboration

  • Physical Therapy of Injured Athlete

  • Risk Management

  • Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Living environment

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