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Yamaguchi Yube

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Associate Professor


Applied Life Sciences

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, School of Life and Environmental Sciences

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  • Phytopathology

  • Plant physiology, Plant molecular biology

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  • (Keyword)peptide, higher plants, signal transduction

  • (Keyword)stress response, higher plants, signal transduction

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  • Master (Bioscience)


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  • AtPep3 is a hormone-like peptide that plays a role in the salinity stress tolerance of plants, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2018.05, Kentaro Nakaminami, Masanori Okamoto, Mieko Higuchi-Takeuchi, Takeshi Yoshizumi, Yube Yamaguchi, Yoichiro Fukao, Minami Shimizu, Chihiro Ohashi, Maho Tanaka, Minami Matsui, Kazuo Shinozaki, Motoaki Seki, and Kousuke Hanada

  • Isolation and Expression Profiling of a CONSTANS-Like Gene and Two FLOWERING LOCUS T-Like Genes from Spinacia oleracea L., American Journal of Plant Sciences, 2015.01, Erika Abe, Kaien Fujino, Kiyoshi Masuda, Yube Yamaguchi

  • AtPEPTIDE RECEPTOR2 mediates the AtPEPTIDE1-induced cytosolic Ca(2+) rise, which is required for the suppression of Glutamine Dumper gene expression in Arabidopsis roots., Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 2014.07, Chunli Ma, Jie Guo, Yan Kang, Kohei Doman, Anthony C. Bryan, Frans E. Tax, Yube Yamaguchi and Zhi Qi

  • Endogenous peptide elicitors in higher plants, Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 2011.08, Yamaguchi Y and Huffaker A

  • GmPep914, an eight-amino acid peptide isolated from soybean leaves, activates defense-related genes, Plant Physiology, 2011.06, Yamaguchi Y, Barona G, Ryan CA and Pearce G


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  • Introduction to Food Systems

  • Exercise in International Food Circulation

  • Exercise in International Food Circulation

  • Invitation to Plant Biosciences

  • Laboratory : Basic Biochemistry

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