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Nakaoka Akiko

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Associate Professor



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  • College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Nursing

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  • Fundamental nursing

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  • Japan Academy of Nursing Education

  • Japanese Society of Nursing Art and Science

  • Japan Society of Nursing Research

  • Jaoan Academy of Nursing Science


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  • 「越境的対話」を通した新人看護師教育システムの協働的な知識創造:活動理論に基づくアクションリサーチと対話過程の分析, 認知科学, 2016.12, 香川秀太, 澁谷幸,三谷理恵,中岡亜希子

  • The curent issues of cooperation between nurses and assistant nurses in acute-phase hospitals-Based on interviews involving nurses-, Journal of Nurisng , Osaka pref. Univ., 2016.03

  • Qualities required for the simulated patients:SP- Narrative of SP who have undergone training-, 2015.10


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  • Advanced Physical Assessment I

  • Theory of Human Support Services

  • Fundamental Nursing Clinical Practice I

  • Fundamental Nursing Clinical Practice II

  • Nursing Skills I

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