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Applied Life Sciences

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, School of Life and Environmental Sciences

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  • Bioorganic chemistry

  • Biofunction/Bioprocess

  • Applied biochemistry

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  • (Summary)Some root parasitic weeds in Orobanchaceae cause untold damage to agriculture in African and Mediterranean countries. In this project, we are trying to identify novel targets for discovery of selective hebicides for those root parasitic weeds. Metabolomics was conducted on germinating seeds of a parasitic weed, Orobanche minor. As a result, a distinct trisaccharide, planteose, was identified as an important metabolite for its germination. Planteose metabolism seems to be common in germinating seeds of the root parasitic weeds and their germination was inhibited by an inhibitor of planteose metabolism, nojirimycin (NJ). Since the action site of NJ can be a novel target for discovery of selective hebicides for the root parasitic weeds, a precise mode of action of NJ is under analysis now.

    (Keyword)Parasitic plants, Herbicides, Orobanchaceae, Metabolism, Germination

  • (Summary)Lignin are a class of specialized metabolites possessing a basic skeleton, a dimer of phenylpropanoids. There are various lignans showing various biological activities. Despite the fact that some lignans are commercially used as functional food or medicine ingredients, studies on their metabolic pathway are relatively less compared to the other classes of specialized metabolites. We are proceeding with research on metabolic engineering of lignans to produce useful lignans in plant factories. Our plant materials include Arabidopsis, sesame, Forsythia, and our technology involves metabolic profiling, transcriptomics, genetic modification, genome editing and so on.

    (Keyword)Specialized metabolites, Secondary metabolites, Lignans, Glycosylation, Plant factory

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  • Ph.D.

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  • The Society for Biotechnology, Japan

  • Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry

  • Pesticide Science Society of Japan

  • Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology

  • The Japan Society for Chemical Regulation for Plants

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  • Chemical control of root parasitic weeds, American Chemical Society, 2015.11, Multiple Authorship, Atsushi Okazawa, Takatoshi Wakabayashi

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  • Identification of a binding protein for sesamin and characterization of its roles in plant growth, Scientific Reports, 2019.06, Masayuki Tera, Tomotsugu Koyama, Jun Murata, Ayako Furukawa, Shoko Mori, Toshiaki Azuma, Takehiro Watanabe, Katsuhito Hori, Atsushi Okazawa, Yasuaki Kabe, Makoto Suematsu, Honoo Satake, Eiichiro Ono, Manabu Horikawa

  • Enhanced production of nojirimycin via Streptomyces ficellus cultivation using marine broth and inhibitory activity of the culture for seeds of parasitic weeds, J. Pestic. Sci., 2017.11, Harada, K., Kurono, Y., Nagasawa, S., Oda, T., Nasu, Y., Wakabayashi, T., Sugimoto, Y., Matsuura, H., Muranaka, S., Hirata, K., Okazawa, A.

  • Seed metabolome analysis of a transgenic rice line expressing cholera toxin B-subunit, Sci. Rep., 2017.07, Ogawa, T., Kashima, K., Yuki, Y., Mejima, M., Kurokawa, S., Kuroda, M., Okazawa, A., Ohta, D.

  • Omics-based exploration for identification of targets for herbicides selective to root parasitic weeds, 2017.02, Atsushi Okazawa

  • Light on sesamin, a health-enhancing ingredient in sesame, Microoptics News, 2016.12, Atsushi Okazawa

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  • Laboratory : Basic Analytical Chemistry

  • Invitation to Plant Biosciences

  • Phytochemistry

  • Plant Physiology

  • Laboratory : Basic Plant Science

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