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TOBITA Kunihito

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Associate Professor


Sustainable System Sciences

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Nakamozu Campus

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  • College of Sustainable System Sciences

  • Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences

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  • Built Environment

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Psychology

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  • (Keyword)Heat Stroke, Thermal Environment, Kitchen, Residential Buildings

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  • Ph. D., Kyoto Prefectural University

Academic Society Affiliations 【 display / non-display

  • Architectural Institute of Japan

  • Japanese Society of Human Environment System

  • Japanese Society of Biometeorology

  • The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Snitary Engineers of Japan

Prize 【 display / non-display

  • The PAQS Best Paper Award, PAQS 2012, 2012.07, Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors

  • Encouragement Award, 2016.11, Japanese Society of Biometeorology

  • Encouragement Award, 2019.11, Japanese Society of Human-Environment System


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • The effect of thermal transience on the perception of thermal comfort, Physiology & Behavior, 2019.10, Ciuha, U., Tobita, K., McDonnell, A. C. and Mekjavic, I. B.

  • Physical warm-up prevents visually induced motion sickness and inter-hemispheric desynchronization of brain activation, Journal of human and living environment, 2018.10, TOBITA, K. and IJIRI, M.

  • A study on the effect of visual stimuli on human thermal sensation – Targeting water landscape, Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 2017, Fukagawa, Kenta; Kurazumi, Yoshihito; Yamato, Yoshiaki; Tobita, Kunihito; Kondo, Emi; Hashimoto, Reiko; Ohgi, Yoshitaka

  • Improvement of working thermal environment for female office workers, CLIMA 2016 – proceedings of the 12th REHVA World Congress, 2016.05, Kurazumi, Y., Kondo, E., Fukagawa, K., Yamato, Y., Tobita, K., Sakoi, T., Tsuchikawa, T., Horikoshi, T.

  • Measurements of clo value using heat flux sensors and human body, CLIMA 2016 – proceedings of the 12th REHVA World Congress, 2016.05, Yamato, Y., Kurazumi, Y., Fukagawa, K., Tobota, K., Kondo, E.

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Charge of class subject 【 display / non-display

  • Human Biology and Residential Environment

  • Seminar in Human Environmental Science II

  • First Year Seminar

  • Graduation Research in Environmental System Sciences

  • Seminar in Environmental System Sciences I

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