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Materials Science and Engineering

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering

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  • Polymer Chemistry

  • Medical Bioengineering, Biomaterials

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  • American Chemical Society

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  • The academic encouraging award, 2012.09, Japan society for histocompatibility and immunogengetics

  • Japanese and Korean Biomaterials Societies Young Scientist Exchange Program Award, 2013.11, Japan society for biomaterials

  • Biomacromolecules Best Poster Awards, 2014.09, 3rd Symposium on Innovative Polymers for Controlled Delivery

  • Award for Encouragement of Research in Polymer Science, 2015.05, The Society of Polymer Science, Japan

  • Best Poster Paper Award, 2016.11, Biomaterials International 2016

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Stimuli Responsive Polymeric Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery Applications, Elsevier, 2018.10, Multiple Authorship, Eiji Yuba

  • Mucosal Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals, Springer, 2014.01, Multiple Authorship, E. Yuba, K. Kono

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Bladder cancer-associated cancer-testis antigen-derived long peptides encompassing both CTL and promiscuous HLA class II-restricted Th cell epitopes induced CD4+ T cells expressing converged T-cell receptor genes in vitro, OncoImmunology, 2018.01, M. Tsuruta, S. Ueda, P.Y. Yew, I. Fukuda, S. Yoshimura, H. Kishi, H. Hamana, M. Hirayama, J. Yatsuda, A. Irie, S. Senju, E. Yuba, T. Kamba, M. Eto, H. Nakayama, Y. Nishimura

  • Bleomycin-loaded pH-sensitive polymer-lipid-incorporated liposomes for cancer chemotherapy, Polymers, 2018.01, E. Yuba, T. Osaki, M. Ono, S. Park, A. Harada, M. Yamashita, K. Azuma, T. Tsuka, N. Ito, T. Imagawa, Y. Okamoto

  • Evaluation of pH-sensitive fusogenic polymer-modified liposomes co-loaded with antigen and α-galactosylceramide as an anti-tumor vaccine, Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 2017.12, S. Okazaki, T. Iwasaki, E.Yuba, S. Watarai

  • Hyaluronic acid-based pH-sensitive polymer-modified liposomes for cell-specific intracellular drug delivery systems, Bioconjugate Chem., 2017.11, M. Miyazaki, E. Yuba, H. Hayashi, A. Harada, K. Kono

  • Liposome-based immunity-inducing systems for cancer immunotherapy, Molecular Immunology, 2017.11, E. Yuba

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  • First Year Seminar

  • Exercises in Organic Chemistry IIA

  • Biopolymer

  • Advanced Biopolymer Chemistry