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Chiku Masanobu

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Associate Professor


Materials Science and Engineering

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Nakamozu Campus

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering

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  • electrochemistry

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  • The Chemical Society of Japan

  • The Electrochemical Society of Japan

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  • CSJ Presentation Award 2013, 2013.04, The Chemical Society of Japan


Books 【 display / non-display

  • Electrocatalysis in Fuel Cells , MDPI AG, 2016.08, Multiple Authorship, Hiroshi Inoue, Ryotaro Sakai, Taiki Kuwahara, Masanobu Chiku, Eiji Higuchi 

  • Encycloedia of Applied Electrochemistry, Springer, 2014, Multiple Authorship,  

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Effect of Rhodium Modification on Activity of Platinum Nanoparticle-Loaded Carbon Catalysts for Electrochemical Toluene Hydrogenation, ACS Catalysis, 2020.10, Toyoki Imada, Masanobu Chiku, Eiji Higuchi, Hiroshi Inoue

  • Microband-Array Electrode Technique for the Detection of Reaction Distributions in the Depth Direction of Composite Electrodes for the All-Solid-State Lithium-ion Batteries, ACS Omega, 2020.08, Masanobu Chiku, Keiichiro Ota, Eiji Higuchi, Hiroshi Inoue

  • Control of Dendritic Growth of Lithium Metal in All-Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries: Effect of Current Collector with Micro-Sized Pores, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020.05, Shota Shinzo, Eiji Higuchi, Masanobu Chiku, Akitoshi Hayashi, Hiroshi Inoue

  • Metal-Free Hybrid Capacitor Using Intercalation of 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Cations, Electrochemistry, 2020.01, Masanobu Chiku, Yuuya Tanimoto, Eiji Higuchi, Hiroshi Inoue

  • Copper Chloride as a Conversion-Type Positive Electrode for the Rechargeable Aluminum Battery, RSC Advances, 2019.10, Masanobu Chiku, Takeshi Kunisawa, Eiji Higuchi, Hiroshi Inoue

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  • Laboratory Exercises for Applied Chemistry I

  • Laboratory Exercises for Applied Chemistry II

  • Laboratory Exercises for Applied Chemistry III

  • Laboratory Exercises for Applied Chemistry IV

  • Laboratory Exercises for Applied Chemistry V

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