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Miyoshi Yuji

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Associate Professor


Electrical Engineering and Information Science

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering

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  • Communication/Network engineering

  • Electron device/Electronic equipment

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  • Ph. D

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  • IEEE

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  • Best Paper Award, 2012.07, 17th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference(OECC2012)


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  • Cut-off frequency and number of quantization bits required for correlation receiver in Nyquist OTDM scheme, Commnication Express, 2017.05, Y. Miyoshi, H. Okamoto, S. Nakata, H. Kubota, M. Ohashi

  • Signal degradation due to finite integration time for correlation detection in Nyquist OTDM scheme, Commnication Express, 2017.04, Y. Miyoshi, H. Kubota, M. Ohashi

  • Temperature sensing using an optical time domain reflectometer and mechanical long-period fiber gratings fabricated from a heat-shrinkable tube, Commnication Express, 2017.02, Y. Tsutsumi, M. Ohashi, Y. Miyoshi

  • Mode-dependent loss measurement of a two-mode fiber using a conventional OTDR, Commnication Express, 2016.11, H. Kubota, Y. Miyoshi, M. Ohashi, T. Mori, T. Matsui, K. Nakajima

  • Experimental demonstration of correlation detection with limited receiver bandwidth in Nyquist OTDM scheme, Commnication Express, 2015.02, Y. Miyoshi, H. Kubota, M. Ohashi

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  • Basic Computer Science (Including Information Society and Ethics)

  • Laboratory: Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering I