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Environmental Sciences and Technology

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, School of Life and Environmental Sciences

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  • Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden

  • Agricultural environmental engineering/Agricultural information engineering

  • Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system

  • Environmental agriculture(including landscape science)


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  • Application of biogas digestate as a nutrient solution for the hydroponic culture of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat with rockwool substrate., Waste and Biomass Valorization, in press, 2019, Takemura, K., Endo, R. Shibuya, T., Kitaya, Y.

  • Interaction between red to far-red ratio of light and vapor-pressure deficit on extension growth of cucumber seedlings., Scientia Horticulturae, 2019, Shibuya, T., Kishigami, S., Endo, R., Matsuda, R.

  • Development of an in vitro hydroponic culture system for wasabi nursery plant production—Effects of nutrient concentration and supporting material on plantlet growth., Scientia Horticulturae, 2018, Hoang, N.N, Kitaya, Y., Shibuya, T., Endo, R.

  • Effects of the interaction between vapor-pressure deficit and salinity on growth and photosynthesis of Cucumis sativus seedlings under different CO2 concentrations., Photosynthetica, 2018, Shibuya, T., Kano, K., Endo, R., Kitaya, Y.

  • A comparative study on growth and morphology of wasabi plantlets under the influence of the micro-environment in shoot and root zones during photoautotrophic and photomixotrophic micropropagation., Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture , 2017, Hoang, N.N., Kitaya, Y., Morishita, T., Endo, R., Shibuya, T.

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  • Systems Design for Sustainable Society

  • Environmental Control for Plant

  • Fundamental Experiments of Biology

  • Topics in Environmental Control in Biology

  • Practical Experiences II A in Environmental Sciences and Technology

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