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IWAI Chiharu

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Higher Education Development

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  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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  • Applied Linguistics

  • Tourism

  • e-Learning

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  • (Summary)Development of effective English teaching methods from the perspective of ESP education

    (Keyword)English for Specific Purposes

  • (Summary)Needs analysis for ESP education

    (Keyword)Needs Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis

  • (Summary)Needs analysis of English usage in the tourism industry
    Professional provision of hospitality by using English in the tourism industry
    English education for tourism

    (Keyword)English education for tourism, Professional provision of hospitality by using English in the tourism industry, Needs analysis of English usage in the tourism industry

  • (Summary)Japanese-English Comparison on Complaint-Handling and its application to education

    (Keyword)Complaint-handling, Japanese-English Comparison

  • (Summary)Development of human resourses for the Japanese tourism industry

    (Keyword)Human Resourse Management, Corporate Education , Tourism Industry

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  • Analysis of English Used in the Tourism Industry and its English Education

  • Needs analysis for English Education

  • English for Specific Purposes

  • Hospitality

Books 【 display / non-display

  • Hospitality English for Careers at Hotels (おもてなしのホテル英語), 金星堂, 2015.02, Multiple Authorship, 岩井千春、増崎恒、野澤和典

  • ESP e-Learning for Global Competency: e-Learning Perspectives in ESP education., Universal Academy Press, INC., 2008.05, Multiple Authorship, Iwai, Chiharu他

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • A Comparison between Japan and the U.S. on Complaint-Handling Attitudes: Survey of Customer Service Professionals, JAFIT International Tourism Review , 2019.03

  • Analysis of ESP education for the hotel industry at universities, technical schools, and hotels in Japan, JACET Kansai Journal, 2010.03, Iwai, Chiharu

  • Textbook development for ETP―Focusing on provision of hospitality through English communication, 日本英語コミュニケーション学会紀要, 2015.12, Iwai, Chiharu

  • The present situation and problems of English language education in the Japanese hotel industry: From the perspective of Human resource manageent, THE JASEC BULLETIN, 2010.12

  • Needs analysis for developing English e-learning materials: Based on questionnaire research to hotel staff, Language and Culture, 2011.03

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  • Academic English IA

  • Academic English IA

  • Academic English IB

  • Academic English IB

  • Academic English IIA

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