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Higuchi Eiji

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Associate Professor


Materials Science and Engineering

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering


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  • Simple Preparation of Au Nanoparticles and Their Application to Au Core/Pt Shell catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Electrocatalysis, 2012.12, Eiji Higuchi, Kiyoaki Hayashi, Masanobu Chiku, Hiroshi Inoue

  • Preparation of Pt-Nanoparticles-Loaded Carbon Black Catalysts by Using Pt-Carbonyl Cluster Complexes and Their Activity for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Electrochemistry, 2011.05, Eiji Higuchi, Akihiro Taguchi, Kiyoaki Hayashi, Hiroshi Inoue

  • Ethanol Oxidation Reaction Activity of Highly Dispersed Pt/SnO2 Double Nanoparticles on Carbon Black, J. Power Sources, 2011.02, Eiji Higuchi, Kazumasa Miyata, Tomonori Takase, Hiroshi Inoue


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  • Physical Chemistry IIA

  • Exercises in Physical Chemistry IA

  • Advanced Electrochemistry