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Tama Yasuko

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Humanities and Social Sciences

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  • College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences

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  • Family Sociology, Gender Studies

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  • F. Hilary Conroy Award, 2011, 2011.11, Association for Asian Studies


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  • 助産学講座4基礎助産学4母子の心理・社会学 第5版, 医学書院, 2018.12, Multiple Authorship, 宮坂康子,田間泰子 他

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  • considering our history focusing on pregnancies, Connecting the Past to the Future: The Role of Historical Studies after 3.11, 2019.05, Okado, Masakatsu et als


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  • Theory of Caring

  • Gender Studies and Social Issues

  • Special Seminar in Gender Studies I

  • Special Seminar in Gender Studies II

  • Special Topics in Gender Studies B

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