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Tabata Minoru

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  • Graduate School of Science, School of Science

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering

  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • College of Engineering

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  • Applied Analysis


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  • A stochastic agent-based approach to the Fokker-Planck equation in human population dynamics, In: Partial Differential Equations: Theory, Analysis and Applications, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2011.01, Multiple Authorship, Minoru Tabata, Nobuoki Eshima

  • A functional-analytic and numerical-analytic approach to nonlinear economic models described by the master equation, Springer, 2002.04, Multiple Authorship, M. Tabata, A. Ide, N. Eshima, I. Takagi, Y. Takei

  • The master equation approach to self-organization in labor mobility. in Evolutionary Controversies in Economics : A New Transdisciplinary Approach, Springer-Verlag, 2001.06, Multiple Authorship, M. Tabata, N. Eshima, I. Takagi

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  • An Entropy-Based Approach for Measuring Factor Contributions in Factor Analysis Models, Entropy, 2018.10, Nobuoki, Eshima, Minoru Tabata, Claudio Giovanni Borroni

  • Application of the Brouwer and the Kakutani fixed-point theorems to a discrete equation with a double singular structure, Fixed Point Theory and Applications, 2018.10, Minoru Tabata, Nobuoki Eshima

  • Existence of a short-run equilibrium of the Dixit-Stiglitz-Krugman model, Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, 2018.06, Minoru Tabata and Nobuoki Eshima

  • Existence and uniqueness of solutions to the wage equation of Dixit-Stiglitz-Krugman model with no restriction on transport costs, Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, 2017.06, Minoru Tabata and Nobuoki Eshima

  • A Relative-importance assessment of explanatory variables in generalized linear models: an entropy-based approach, Statistica & Applicazioni, 2016.12, Nobuoki Eshima1, Claudio Giovanni Borroni, and Minoru Tabata

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  • Vector Analysis

  • First Year Seminar

  • College of Engineering Internship

  • Applied Mathematical Simulation

  • Practicum in Applied Mathematical Simulation

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