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CHIBA Masakatsu

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Aerospace and Marine Engineering

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering

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  • Aerospace engineering

  • Dynamics/Control

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  • Dr. of Engineering

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  • Best Paper Award, 2015.05, 2015 The 8th Asian-Pacific Conference on Aerospace Technology and Science, SASE


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  • Structural Vibration, 2016.09, Multiple Authorship

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  • Airbag Application to Passenger Seat for Aircraft: Impact Tests, Int. J. Crashworthiness, 2019.07, M. Chiba, T. Yasui, Y. Nambu, K. Katayama, H. Yutani

  • Influence of Torsional Rigidity of Flexible Appendages on the Dynamics of Flexible Spacecrafts, Coupled Systems Mechanics, 2019.02, M. Chiba, H. Magata

  • Influence of liquid sloshing on dynamics of flexible space structures, J. Sound & Vibraton, 2017.08, M. Chiba, H. Magata

  • Experimental Studies on the Dynamic Stability of Liquid in a Spherical Tank Covered with Diaphragm , J. Fluids and Structures, 2016.03, M. Chiba, R. Murase, R. Kimura, Y. Yamamoto, K. Komatsu

  • Dynamic Stability of Liquid in a Spherical Tank Covered with Membrane under Vertical Harmonic Excitation, Int. J. Aerospace System Engineering, 2015.12, M. Chiba, R. Murase, Y. Nambu, K. Komatsu

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  • Vibration Engineering A

  • Undergraduate Project in Aerospace Engineering

  • Exercises on Aerospace Engineering IV

  • Special Topics on Aerospace Engineering I

  • Advanced Aerospace Structures Engineering

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