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Takigawa Yorinobu

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Materials Science and Engineering

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering


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  • Al-8Mg alloy with high strength and high ductility by addition of a grain boundary strengthening element, Materials Letter, 2019.03, M. Ninomiya, R. Ohte, T. Uesugi, Y. Takigawa, K. Higashi

  • Artificial neural network assisted by first-principles calculations for predicting transformation temperatures in shape memory alloys, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 2019.03, D. Minami, T. Uesugi, Y. Takigawa, K. Higashi

  • Direct observation of strain-stored grains in electrodeposited nanocrystalline Ni-W alloys by low-angle annular dark field diffraction contrast imaging, Scripta Materialia, 2019.03, I. Matsui, Y. Takigawa, T. Yamamoto

  • Ductile electrodeposited Al from a dimethylsulfone bath with trace amounts of tin chloride, Materials Letters, 2019.02, C. Kuma, K. Sato, I. Matsui, Y. Takigawa, T. Uesugi, K. Higashi

  • Development of Electrodeposition Process Based on Chloride Electrolytes for Bulk Pure Fe with Plastic Deformability, Mater. Trans., 2019.01, Y. Ogura, M. Kanetake, I. Matsui, Y. Takigawa, T. Uesugi, K. Higashi

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  • Materials and Industrial Engineering

  • Introductory Laboratory for Materials Science and Engineering

  • Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory II

  • Recent Advances in Engineering

  • Advanced Mechano-Materials Processing

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