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MARUTA Tatsuya

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Science

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  • Finite Geometry

  • Algebraic Coding Theory

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  • (Keyword)optimal linear codes, Griesmer bound, finite projective space, extension of a linear code, pseudo-cyclic codes

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  • Japan Mathematical Society



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  • On the 3-extendability of quaternary linear codes, Finite Fields and Their Applications, 2018.07, H. Kanda, T. Maruta

  • Non-existence of some 4-dimensional Griesmer codes over finite fields, Journal of Algebra Combinatorics, Discrete Structures and Applications, 2018.06, Kazuki Kumegawa, Tatsuya Maruta

  • Construction of two-weight codes over finite fields and its applications, Bulletin of the Korean Mathematical Society, 2017.05, E.J. Cheon, Y. Kageyama, S.J. Kim, N. Lee, T. Maruta

  • On the minimum length of linear codes over the field of 9 elements, Electronic J. Combinatorics, 2017.03, K. Kumegawa, T. Okazaki, T. Maruta

  • On the geometric constructions of optimal linear codes, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2016.12, Y. Kageyama, T. Maruta

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  • Information Theory

  • Research Proposal Seminar I

  • Mathematics in the Real World

  • Coding Theory I

  • Coding Theory II

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