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Hara Masayuki

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Science, School of Science

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  • Applied biochemistry

  • Nanomaterials chemistry

  • Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals

  • Bio-related chemistry

  • Developmental biology

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  • Gamma-cross-linked nonfibrillar collagen gel as a scaffold for osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells, J. Biosci. Bioeng.. in press., 2014, Takako Takitoh, Masahiko Bessho, Motohiro Hirose, Hajime Ohgushi, Hideki Mori, Masayuki Hara

  • Porous hydrogel of wool keratin prepared by a novel method: an extraction with guanidine/2-mercaptoethnol solution followed by a dialysis., Materials Science and Engineering, 2014, Yuki Ozaki, Yusuke Takagi, Hideki Mori, Masayuki Hara

  • Cultured stem cells as tools for toxicological assays, J. Biosci. Bioeng.., 2013, Hideki Mori, Masayuki Hara

  • Dynamic viscoelastic properties of collagen gels with higher mechanical strength., Materials Science and Engineering, in press , 2013, Hideki Mori, Kousuke Shimizu, Masayuki Hara

  • Purification of porcine hair keratin subunits and their immobilization for use as cell culture substrates, Biosci. Biotech. Biochem, 2013, Yuki Ozaki, Yusuke Saito, Hideki Mori, and Masayuki Hara

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  • Science Communication III(Biological Science)

  • Science Communication III(Biological Science)

  • Science Communication II(Biological Science)

  • Science Communication I(Biological Science)

  • Undergraduate Research

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