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Ogawa Kazushige

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Veterinary Science

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, School of Life and Environmental Sciences


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  • Simple propagation method for resident macrophages by co-culture and subculture, and their isolation from various organs, BMC Immunology, 2019.09, Kazushige Ogawa, Mayu Tsurutani, Aya Hashimoto and Miharu Soeda

  • Compartments with predominant ephrin-B1 and EphB2/B4 expression are present alternately along the excurrent duct system in the adult mouse testis and epididymis, Andrology, 2018.07, M. R. Gofur and K. Ogawa

  • EphA receptors and ephrin-A ligands are upregulated by monocytic differentiation/maturation and promote cell adhesion and protrusion formation in HL60 monocytes., BMC Cell Biology, 2017.08, Midori Mukai, Norihiko Suruga, Noritaka Saeki and Kazushige Ogawa

  • Truncated EphA2 likely potentiates cell adhesion via integrins as well as infiltration and/or lodgment of a monocyte/macrophage cell line in the red pulp and marginal zone of the mouse spleen, where ephrin‑A1 is prominently expressed in the vasculature, Histochem Cell Biol, 2017.03, Naoko Konda, Noritaka Saeki, Shingo Nishino, Kazushige Ogawa

  • EphA2 receptor and ephrin-A1 ligand expression in the spleen. , J. Physiol. Sci., 2015.03, Kazushige Ogawa, Naoko Konda, Noritaka Saeki

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  • Special Method and Practice in Advanced Veterinary Science

  • Introductory Practice in Drug Discovery and Development

  • Special Seminar: Structural and Functional Biosciences for Animals A

  • Special Seminar: Structural and Functional Biosciences for Animals B

  • Special Seminar: Structural and Functional Biosciences for Animals C

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