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Fukuyama Takahide

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Associate Professor



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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Science

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  • Organic chemistry

  • Synthetic chemistry


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  • Site-selectivity in TBADT-photocatalyzed C(sp3)-H Functionalization of Saturated Alcohols and Alkanes, Chem. Lett., 2018.11, Fukuyama, T.; Yamada, K.; Nishikawa, T.; Ravelli, D.; Fagnoni, M.; Ryu, I.

  • Synthesis of Perinaphthenones through Rhodium-Catalyzed Dehydrative Annulation of 1-Naphthoic Acids with Alkynes, Org. Biomol. Chem., 2018.10, Fukuyama, T.; Sugimori, T.; Maetani, S.; Ryu, I.

  • Applications of Radical Carbonylation and Amine Addition Chemistry: 1,4-Hydrogen Transfer of 1-Hydroxylallyl Radicals, Acc. Chem. Res. , 2018.08, Matsubara, H.; Kawamoto, T.; Fukuyama, T.; Ryu, I.

  • ET-Induced Intramolecular Heck Carbonylation Reactions Leading to Benzolactones and Lactams, Synthesis , 2018.08, Fukuyama, T.; Bando, T.; Ryu, I.

  • A Theoretical Study on Radical-Based Aminocarbonylation of Aryl Iodides, Chem. Lett., 2018.07, Kawamoto, T.; Matsubara, H.; Fukuyama, T.; Ryu, I.

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  • Organic Spectroscopy II

  • First Year Seminar

  • Organic Chemistry II

  • Exercises in Organic Chemistry I

  • Exercises in Organic Chemistry II

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