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Nakayama Yuji

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  • College of Sustainable System Sciences

  • Graduate School of Economics


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  • When Is Dynamic Pricing Profitable for a Seller in the Presence of Strategic Consumers? A Re-examination of Cachon and Swinney (2009), Discussion Paper New Series, 2015.03, Yuji Nakayama, Motonari Kurasawa, Tatsuhiko Nariu

  • Opening a Direct Digital Channel: the Impact of Versioning on the Physical Product Market with Heterogeneous Retailers, Discussion Paper New Series, 2013.03, Yuji Nakayama

  • The impact of e-commerce: It always benefits consumers, but may reduce social welfare, Japan and the World Economy, 2009.08, Yuji Nakayama

  • Estimating Consumer Demand for Music CD: A Bayesian Analysis, The Proceedings of Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2007 (CD-ROM), 2007.12, Yuji Nakayama,Tomonori Ishigaki, Nagateru Araki

  • The Impact of e-Commerce and Its Implications in the Automobile Industry: A Social Welfare Approach, International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, 2002.10, Yuji Nakayama

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  • Internship in Management Science

  • Graduation Thesis Project in Management Science II

  • Graduation Thesis Project in Management Science II

  • Adavanced Seminar in Management Science

  • Advanced Study of Marketing 1A

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