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Okubo Masaaki

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Mechanical Engineering

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering

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  • Environmental technology and materials

  • Plasma chemistry

  • Electrostatics

  • Marine engineering

  • Fluid engineering

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  • (Keyword)Nonthermal Plasma

  • (Keyword)Plasma Chmical Process

  • (Keyword)Surface Treatment

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  • Doctor of Phylosophy

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  • IEEE James Melcher Prize Paper Award 2003, 2003.10, IEEE

  • IEEE James Melcher Prize Paper Award 2004, 2004.10, IEEE

  • Innovation and Creativity Prize Paper Award (Second Prize), 2005.08, IEEE

  • IEEE James Melcher Prize Paper Award, 2006.07, IEEE

  • IEEE Industry Applications Society, Electrostatic Processes Committee,Best Reviewer Award, 2008.10, IEEE


Books 【 display / non-display

  • Encyclopedia of Plasma Technology, CRC Press, 2016.12, Multiple Authorship, M.Okubo,他

  • Energy Solutions to Combat Global Warming, Springer, 2016.10, Multiple Authorship, M.Okubo,他

  • Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Technologies, Humana press, 2006.08, Multiple Authorship, M.Okubo,他

  • Air and Noise Pollution Control, Humana press, 2004.11, Multiple Authorship, M.Okubo,他

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • (Review papar), 2019.03

  • Improvement in Molecular-Level Adhesive Strength of PTFE Film Treated by Atmospheric Plasma Combined Processing, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 2019.01, K. Hori, S. Fujimoto, Y. Togashi, T. Kuroki, and M. Okubo

  • High-Efficiency Carbon Dioxide Reduction Using Nonthermal Plasma Desorption, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 2018.11, M. Okubo, K. Takahashi, S. Kamiya, and T. Kuroki

  • Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Two-Phase Ionic Flows in Electrostatic Precipitators, Proc. XV International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation (ICESP), 2018.10, M. Okubo and H. Fujishima

  • Evaluation on Nitrogen Oxides and Nanoparticle Removal and Nitrogen Monoxide Generation Using a Wet-Type Nonthermal Plasma Reactor, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2018.04, K. Takehana, T. Kuroki, and M. Okubo

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  • Energy Conversion

  • Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

  • Exercises in Mechanical Engineering I

  • Exercises in Mechanical Engineering II

  • Environmental Protection Engineering

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