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Higher Education Development

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  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Graduate School of Science, School of Science

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  • Mathematical Education

  • Cryptology

  • Algebraic Geometry

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  • Mathematical Society of Japan

  • International Association for Cryptologic Research

  • Japan Society of Mathematical Education

  • The Institute of Electronics, Information and communication engineers


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  • Students' Conception of Spanned Space and Its Relation to Conception of Linear Independence, Proceedings of the 42nd Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, 2018.07, Mitsuru Kawazoe

  • Designing mathematics education based on the classification of human activities, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Mathematics Education for Non-Mathematics Students Developing Advanced Mathematical Literacy, 2018.04, Mitsuru Kawazoe

  • A Homomorphic Aggregate Signature Scheme for Polynomial Functions, The 2018 Symposium on Cryptography and Information Security, 2018.01, Maki Inui, Mitsuru Kawazoe, Kentaro Yoshitomi, Tetsuya Takahashi

  • A Practical Study of a Design of University Mathematics Courses for the Humanities and Social Sciences Students, Proceedings of the Tenth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education, 2017.02, Mitsuru Kawazoe, Masahiko Okamoto

  • E-learning/e-assessment systems based on webMathematica for university mathematics education, MSOR Connections, 2017.01, Mitsuru Kawazoe, Kentaro Yoshitomi

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  • Introduction to Algebra

  • Basic Mathematics I

  • Basic Mathematics II

  • Information Theory

  • Introduction to Cryptography

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