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Takahira Hiroyuki

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Mechanical Engineering

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering

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  • Fluid Mechanics

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  • (Keyword)Two-phase flow, Level set method, Ghost fluid method, Interface, Shock wave

  • (Keyword)Nonspherical bubble, Collapse, Phase change, Shock wave

  • (Keyword)Bubble, Collapse, Cleaning, Laser breakdown

  • (Keyword)Bubble, Cavitation, DDS, Therapeutic molecule

  • (Keyword)Cavitation, Inception, Collapse, Pressure wave

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  • Doctor of Engineering


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  • Observation of the growth of cavitation bubble cloud by the backscattering of focused ultrasound from a laser-induced bubble, Proc. SPIE 10328, Selected Papers from the 31st International Congress on High-Speed Imaging and Photonics, 2017.02, T. Horiba, T. Sano, T. Ogasawara and H. Takahira

  • Cavitation inception by the backscattering of pressure waves from a bubble interface, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2015.12, H. Takahira, T. Ogasawara, N. Mori and M. Tanaka

  • Experimental and numerical investigations of the bubble collapse at the center between rigid walls, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2015.12, T. Ogasawara, N. Tsubota, H. Seki, Y. Shigaki and H. Takahira

  • Influence of the nonequilibrium phase transition on the collapse of inertia nonspherical bubbles in a compressible liquid, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2014.08, Jinbo, Y., Ogasawara, T., Takahira, H.

  • Numerical Investigations of Shock-Bubble Interactions in Mercury, Fluid Dynamics Research, 2008.07, H. Takahira, T. Matsuno, K. Shuto

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  • First Year Seminar

  • First Year Seminar

  • Undergraduate Project in Mechanical Engineering

  • Technical English for Mechanical Engineers

  • Exercises in Mechanical Engineering I

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