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Makioka Shogo

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Sustainable System Sciences

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  • College of Sustainable System Sciences

  • Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences

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  • Experimental Psychology

  • Cognitive Science

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  • (Keyword)synæsthesia, number forms, neural network

  • (Keyword)word recognition, Kanji, Hiragana

  • (Keyword)Corpus analysis, Phonology

  • (Keyword)word acquisition, neural network, lexical segmentation

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  • Doctor of Literature


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  • www. kanjidatabase. com: a new interactive online database for psychological and linguistic research on Japanese kanji and their compound words, Psychological research, 2017.05, amaoka, K., Makioka, S., Sanders, S., & Verdonschot, R. G.

  • Serial order learning of subliminal visual stimuli: evidence of multistage learning, frontiers in Psychology, 2015.02, Kaede Kido, Shogo Makioka

  • Priming effects under continuous flash suppression: An examination on subliminal bottom-up processing, Japanese Psychological Research, 2014.04, Kaede Kido and Shogo Makioka

  • A self-organizing learning account of number-form synaesthesia, Cognition, 2009.09, S. Makioka

  • Japanese Mental Syllabary and Effects of Mora, Syllable, Bi-mora and Word Frequencies on Japanese Speech Production, Language and Speech, 2009.03, K. Tamaoka, S. Makioka

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  • Seminar in Global Communication A

  • Introduction to Human Environmental Science I

  • Seminar in Human Environmental Science II

  • Graduation Thesis

  • Special Topics in Psychological Research Methods

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