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Kondo Masashi

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  • College of Sustainable System Sciences

  • Graduate School of Economics

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  • History of Economic Thought


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  • Marshall, Marshallians and Industrial Economics , Routledge, 2011.04, Multiple Authorship,  

  • The Elgar Companion to Alfred Marshall, Edawrd Elagr, 2006.11, Multiple Authorship, Kondo, Masashi

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  • The Development of Marshall's Economics Methodology in Light of His Critique of Ricardo, 佐賀大学経済論集: ラタナーヤカ・ピヤダーサ教授退職記念号, 2017.03, Masashi KONDO


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  • History of Economic Thought

  • Introduction to History of Economic Thought

  • Social Science for Sustainable Society

  • Internship in Management Science

  • Graduation Thesis Project in Management Science II

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