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Yasuda Masahiro

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Materials Science and Engineering

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering

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  • Gas absorption

  • Polymer Science

  • Biochemical Engineering

  • Diffusional Separation Engineering

  • Regeneration of tissue of mammalian cell

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  • (Keyword)Denatured protein, Refolding, Guanidine chloride, Diluting method, Protein conformation change

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  • Master degree

  • Ph.D

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  • Best Paper Award in the Experimental Biology Category for 2011, 2012.04, Society of EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE


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  • Developed NOx absorption system

  • Synthesis of functional polymer particle by seeded polymerization

  • Polymerization of amphiphilic macromonomers

  • Synthesis of mondisperse polymer particle with dispersion polymerization

  • Development of organic solvet tolerant immobilized enzymes

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  • 高分子微粒子ハンドブック/懸濁重合, CMC出版, 2017.07, Multiple Authorship, 安田昌弘他42名

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Modification of lipase from Candida cylindracea with dextran using the borane-pyridine complex to improve organic solvent stability, Journal of Biotechnology, 2019.04, S. Kajiwara, K. Komatsu, R. Yamada, T. Matsumoto. M. Yasuda, H. Ogino

  • Improvement of the organic solvent stability of a commercial lipase by chemical modification with dextran, Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2019.02, Kajiwara, S., Komatsu, K., Yamada, R., Matsumoto, T., Yasuda, M., Ogino, H.

  • In vitro chemosensitivity study of human leukemic cells in a three-dimensional bone marrow culture system, Journal of Hematology and Therapeutics, 2016.08, N. Fukino, T. Harada, I. Tsuboi, S. Fukui, M. Yasuda, S. Aizawa

  • Immobilization of Proteins on Synthetic Resins Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2016.02, dioxideRyosuke Yamada, Yamato Suzuki, Masahiro Yasuda, Hiroyasu Ogino

  • BSA Adsorption and Immobilization onto Charged Monodisperse Polymer Nanoparticles, Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2015.11, M. Yasuda, K. Ono, T. Nomura, C. H. Brewer, Ø. Halskau Jr, W. R. Glomm

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  • Advanced Science and Engineering of Energy Cycling

  • Undergraduate Project in Chemical Engineering

  • Selected Topics in Fluid Mechanics in Chemical Engineering

  • Special Topics: Chemical Engineering I

  • Special Topics: Chemical Engineering II

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