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Ohe Masamichi

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Associate Professor


Applied Life Sciences

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, School of Life and Environmental Sciences


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  • Relations between organic acids generated by rice bran application on the paddy soil and the rice growth ( in press), Journal of crop reserch, 2020, Genki Wanibuchi, Hayato Tokumoto and Masamichi Ohe

  • Changes in yield components of paddy rice due to short-term flooding at the panicle developmental stage and the ripening stage ( in press), Japanese journal of crop sciese, 2019, Masamichi OHE and Hiroaki MATSUO

  • Utility evaluation of the horse manure compost as culture soil for the raising seedling material of paddy raice, 2017.11

  • Effects of unusual light environment in the suburban paddy on the growth and yield components of the paddy -rice, Journal of crop research, 2017.11

  • Effect of the First Crop Growth on the Growth and Yield Components of Ratoon on Rice Ratoon Double Cropping, Japanese journal of crop sciense, 2016.10, Uchida Kayo and Masamichi Ohe


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  • Field Exercise for Plant Bioscience Research

  • Field Exercise for Plant Bioscience Research B

  • Laboratory : Basic Plant Physiological Ecology

  • Topics in Plant Developmental Biology and Physiology

  • Topics in Economic Botany

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