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Wada Kenji

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Associate Professor


Electronics Mathematics and Physics

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  • College of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering

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  • Laser Measurements

  • Laser

  • Opto-Electronics

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  • Optical Society of America


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  • Acoustical Imaging, Vol. 29, Springer, 2008.12, Multiple Authorship, H. Horinaka, T. Matsunaka, N. Nakamura, T. Mukaiyama, S. Kawakami, M. Kawasaki, K. Wada

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • The removal method of the influence of heatbeat in the ultrasonic volocity-change method, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2019.07, M. Kameda(学生), Y. Inuzuka(学生), T. Matsuyama, K. Wada, K. Okamoto, T. Matsunaka, and H. Horinaka

  • Detection of unstable plaque phantom by ultrasonic velocity-change imaging nethod under cold exposure, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2018.07, Y. Kumagai(学生), Y. Aotani(学生), M. Kameda(学生), K. Wada, T. Matsunaka, and H. Horinaka

  • Improvement of a combined ultrasonic probe used in ultrasonic velocity-change method for evaluation of fat content, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2018.07, Y. Aotani(学生), Y. Kumagai(学生), M. Kameda(学生), K. Wada, T. Matsunaka, H. Morikawa, and H. Horinaka

  • The Degree of Temporal Synchronization of the Pulse Oscillations from a Gain-Switched Multimode Semiconductor Laser, Materials, 2017.08, K. Wada, N. Kitagawa, T. Matsuyama

  • Numerical simulation of the suppression of timing jitter in a gain-switched single-mode laser, Journal of the Japan Society of Infrared Science and Technology, 2017.08, R. Mizutani, N. Kitagawa, T. Matsuyama, K. Wada

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  • Advanced Laser Engineering

  • Optics and Quantum Electronics

  • Electromagnetic Waves and Optics