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Kawai Taketoshi

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Associate Professor


Physical Science

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Science


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  • Energy relaxation from STE to In+ centers in NaI:In+ crystals, Journal of Physics: Conf. Series, 2019.06, Syouta Watanabe, Taketoshi Kawai and Kohji MizozuchiI

  • Energy transfer processes from I- centers to In+ centers at room temperature in co-doped NaCl:I-,In+ crystals, Journal of Luminescence, 2019.03, Taketoshi KAWAI and Akitoshi IGUCHI

  • Optical studies on the conversion from Ag+ to Ag- centers by the electrolytic coloration in NaCl and KCl crystals, Optical Materials, 2018.03, Taketoshi KAWAI, Takeshi HIRAI, and Kazuki BANDO

  • Luminescence properties of pure and Eu-doped SrI2 crystals purified by a "Liquinert" process and grown by vertical Bridgman method , Journal of Luminescence, 2016.08, Taketoshi Kawai, Shiro Sakuragi, Satoshi Hashimoto

  • Energy transfer between Tl+-type impurities in NaCl crystals, Physica Status Solidi C, 2016.02, Akitoshi Iguchi, Taketoshi Kawai, Kohji Mizoguchi

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  • Optical Properties of Condensed Matter II

  • Solid State Physics B

  • Demonstration of Experiments in Physics II

  • Experimental in Physics