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Okada Toshiya

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Veterinary Science

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  • College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences

  • Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, School of Life and Environmental Sciences

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  • Laboratory animal science


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  • Renal Failure, InTech Open Access Publisher, Croatia, 2012, Multiple Authorship, Toshiya Okada, Yoko Kitano, Masaki Mino, Tomohiro Kondo, Ai Takeshita, and Ken-Takeshi Kusakabe

  • DNA microarrays, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. NY, USA, 2011, Multiple Authorship, Kusakabe K, Takeshita A, Abe H, Kondo T, Okada T.

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  • Chronic kidney disease after 5/6 nephrectomy disturbs the intestinal microbiota and alters intestinal motility., J. Cell Physiol., 2019.05, Nishiyama K, Aono K, Fujimoto Y, Kuwamura M, Okada T, Tokumoto H, Izawa T, Okano R, Nakajima H, Takeuchi T, Azuma YT.

  • Transient forebrain ischemia induces impairment in cognitive performance prior to extensive neuronal cell death in the Mongolian Gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus)., J Vet Sci, 2018.07, Kondo T, Yoshida S, Nagai H, Takeshita A, Mino M, Morioka H, Nakajima T, Kusakabe KT, Okada T.

  • A novel spontaneous mutation of BCAR3 results in extrusion cataracts in CF#1 mouse strain., Mamm. Genome, 2016.10, Kondo T, Nakamori T, Nagai H, Takeshita A, Kusakabe KT, and Okada, T.

  • Maternal protein restriction that does not have an influence on the birth weight of the offspring induces morphological changes in kidneys reminiscent of phenotypes exhibited by intrauterine growth retardation rats., Congenit. Anom., 2016.03, Yuasa K, Kondo T, Nagai H, Mino M, Takeshita A, and Okada, T.

  • Effects of maternal subtotal nephrectomy on the development of the fetal kidney: A morphometric study., Congenit. Anom., 2015.11, Kondo T, Kitano-Amahori Y, Nagai H, Mino M, Takeshita A, Kusakabe KT, and Okada T.

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  • Practice in Feasibility Study on Drug Discovery

  • Special Lecture for Animal Ethics

  • Animal Behavior Analysis

  • Introductory Practice in Veterinary Sciences

  • Laboratory Animal Science

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